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The International Demonstration College of Materials Science and Engineering is one of the 16 construction units of the "Promotion Plan for International Demonstration Colleges of Higher Education" of the State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs and the Ministry of Education. Centering on the national innovation-driven development strategy and the major needs of the national higher education reform, the College aims to build a top-notch innovative talent training system, build a high-level international science and education team, and develop world-class materials science and engineering disciplines. It aims to build a top-notch innovative talent training base and knowledge innovation base with important influence and demonstration in

  • 4,000+ ACRES

  • 60,000+ STUDENT

  • 1,200+ ON-THE-JOB STAFF

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Telphone : +86-27-87858005 Postcode : 430070 Address : 122 Luoshi Road,Wuhan,Hubei,P.R.China